About Us

Mohit Nimavat

I am a young, dynamic IT Enthusiast, who started web designing 4 years ago.

What initially begun as a hobby, where I could express my creativity and technicality, developed in a business. This gave me an opportunity to work towards my goal to become a “Digital Nomad”, travelling the world while creating websites for business globally.

Originally from India and currently living in NZ, travelling is my passion. From Spain to China, I have visited many countries and discovered different cultures , encountered diverse people and experienced amazing moments. My next project is to travel around the world over 3 continents over 1.5 years.   

Web Development is one of my many interests. I am also a guitarist and a photographer. You can find some of my travel shots at 40K Klicks.

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How Creative Kiwi Design started

I created my first website in 2014 to develop my parent’s new business. I was immediately drawn by web development and continued learning and developing my skills. After helping many friends and family throughout the years, I realized there was a considerable need for reliable, productive and affordable web design solution. This is how Creative Kiwi  Design was born.